Steel Sash Window weights


Sash windows have been used since the 17th century. They are now enjoying popularity once again; its design is simple and functional.

Most traditional sash windows are designed with box frames with pulleys set along with weights to counterbalance the sashes.

The weights are a vital component for a smooth operating window and are attached to the window panel by a sash cord, this runs over a pulley at the top of the frame.

See our diagram to the right:




Marybern has been involved with the window industry for many years providing steel reinforcements for PVCU windows, when it comes to windows and doors, we have great knowledge of steel engineering and processing.

Our new Sash weights are great value, and are particularly cost effective for use in both single and double glazed traditionaly manufactured timber windows.

Marybern weights can be used with 95% of all sash windows where the sash box size is standard.




Operating from our two  site in Deeside, North Wales we can produce weights from 6lb through

to 32lb, in 3 different sizes:


40mm square bar,
45mm square bar.
50mm square bar.

We can deliver these in various batches of varying sizes to suit individual customer needs.

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Sash Weight Data Sheet

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