About us



Marybern Steel LLP produces profiles for a wide range of applications. We specialise in the production of sections  PVCu reinforcement.
We also have a proven track record in working with customers to develop customer specific sections, starting at the design stage and leading through to the successful launch of the product.

All the steel reinforcement needs of the PVCu window and door industry are met and bespoke steel profiles are supplied to many companies throughout the UK and Europe. At the heart of Marybern’s efficiency is a dedicated team of engineers and workforce, with a vast knowledge and experience in roll forming.

Their skill, imagination, and analytical approach creates a profile service that brings a tangible advantage to your operations. The commitment we give to our customers is an excellence in design and production, quality and most important, delivery.. All this and more is underpinned by a willingness and flexibility to adapt to the needs of the customer.