Reinforcement for PVCu Doors


Steel Reinforcement within today’s Pvcu panel, patio and composite door market has never been greater. Supply of products conforming to the new standards and ‘Secure by Design’ means that the steel reinforcement plays an even greater part within the security of today’s door market.


Marybern has been involved in Reinforcement for Pvcu and Composite door market for many years. The ability to supply selected reinforcement with hole/slot details punched into the surface of the profile has allowed us to stay one step ahead of the market. We supply many different reinforcement sections with lock slot details to suit the range of lock designs available.


Marybern has invested in state of the art production plant that has allowed us to provide the market place with a cost effective alternative to the run of the mill reinforcement. Hole details are punched into the steel directly before entering the roll forming line. This results in a better quality product with less wastage, therefore a more cost effective product.