Peter & Sue Taylor

"Having to call out an IT Engineer is always a pain, but such is Janet's vivacity that the pain is overtaken by admiration. Her tenacity in pursuit  of an affordable solution is matched by her integrity. She keeps her word!..."

Peter Taylor

Sussex Local Magazine

"Whenever we've asked Janet for help we have always found her to be reliable, diligent, and thorough, never leaving until the problem is completely sorted and often fixing other things we didn't know were broken!"

Kris Thomas

Kate Roberts

"Janet is great. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and if my problem is urgent, I know that she will fit me in as quickly as possible, so that I can get on with my day. As a self employed bookkeeper, I need to make sure that my IT support is effective without having to pay out extortionate rates for ongoing maintenance contracts. The way  it works with Jan-IT is perfect for me."

Kate Roberts

Avantguard Security Ltd

"We are so pleased to have found Janet for our IT support. She has a way of explaining everything in terms that we understand so we know what went wrong with our computers and how it has been fixed. We're all about finding local suppliers that we can work with because we share values and that's exactly what we have with Jan-IT"

Tony Woolcott