Anxiety is a normal and important aspect of life and our way of coping.

It is not always a negative force if it is percieved and utilised to protect and motivate us. It can be a friend and an ally. However, high levels of anxiety can be debilitating and harmful to physical and psychological well being.

It is important to pinpoint and trace the underlying cause or causes of excessive anxiety. The underlying cause may be linked to the present or the past. Counselling and psychotherapy provide an opportunity to detect the very core reason for the experienced anxiety in a safe and confidential relationship. Such in-depth exploration will enable you to face the anxiety and see the situation in its true perspective.

Once the real and objective cause is determined it becomes possible to reduce the anxiety to a managable level. It can often be the fear of the unknown or unknowable possibilities.

You can explore the cause and nature of the anxiet in a trusting and confidential therapeutic relationship, thus enabling you to use anxiety as an active motivator and allow you to live a comfortable and productive life.